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All items are packed securely in our Deluxe Hikers Backpack which contains extra space available f..

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Welcome to Niedbalski Outfitters

Here at Niedbalski Outfitters, we have your back, whether it comes to providing you with outstanding military surplus, survival kits, or emergency food aids. We are an army navy store with a difference, specializing in a wide range of kits and surplus including items related to the Dutch army and German army, to the Czec army, Polish army and more. No matter what the purpose, we can supply you with everything you could ever need to ensure success! Not only do we offer themilitary surplus geardisaster food and survival kits online that are affordable, but we also provide you with the ultimate in quality and durability, so that you can truly trust your equipment.  Lets go camping....


Why do people love us?

Well, we offer real gear for real people at real prices!


We offer top quality products.

Our wide variety of products will make Niedbalski Outfitters your one-stop-shop for all kinds of military surplus gear including clothing, survival food packs, Dutch army equipment, German army gearPolish army style accessories, and Czech supplies. These are popular products that are used by experienced explorers, amateur adventurers, and even the beginner outdoor enthusiasts.


Let's go camping

We offer products that are ideal for families who love camping including tents, emergency blackout kits, auto kits, camouflage apparel for all sizes, outdoor lamps and camping kitchens, fire knives, sleeping bags, fishing gear, and much more. We even sell kids games and electronic AM/FM radios for those rained-out trips, so you can be sure you have every eventuality covered! Whatever kind of family camping vacation you have planned, Niedbalski Outfitters can help you out.


Surplus military items

Niedbalski Outfitters offers a large range of camo and surplus military apparel from t-shirts, trousers, jackets, and sweatshirts, to foot wear, and even caps and beanies. Police parkas and raincoats will provide you with the best form of comfort and warmth during those long, cold nights, and our other heavy duty outer wear will offer the best form of protection against the elements. 


Stay Prepared

If you are going on any kind of adventure, outdoor expedition or long camping trip, there is always the chance of risk. What better way to be prepared for anything that might happen out there, than to stock up your backpack with emergency first aid kits, disaster food kits, and full survival kits. These survival kits contain long life food packs, water packs, water purification tablets, emergency blanket and sleeping bag, flashlight, 5 in 1 survival whistle, tissues and wet wipes, first aid, and more.


Emergency survival kits

The outdoors is not the only place where survival kits are required or used. Niedbalski Outfitters understands the various circumstances that surround getting into a survival situation and this is why we also provide auto survival kits, classroom survival kits, and blackout survival kits so that in the event of any emergency lock down situation, a larger group of people, children and families can have everything they need to get through an extended period of time stuck in a certain place. Some of the kits come in a bucket with toilet seat lid, toilet sanitation tablets, glow sticks, duct tape and tarp, body warmers, candles and waterproof matches, lanterns, and much more.