Garage Sales

Garage Sales
In the category Garage Sales you can buy more products, such as Austrian Army BDU Shirt (Used), Swiss Mittens (Unissued), Russian Moisin Nagant Pouch (Used). Take a look around and see if anything is just right for you, your father, mother, aunt, uncle, sister, cousin. Their are alot of great prouducts in at Niedbalski Outfitters.  Stay ahead of the next storm by stocking up on all the gear now before you need it!
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Czech Suspenders (Unissued)

These are Czech suspenders, styled after the German WWII suspenders. They show a little wear from si..

$13.95 $9.95

East German Army EM Winter Hat (Used)

Beautiful, blue/grey fur, East German Army EM cold winter hat with NVA Army insignia. These hats a..

$14.95 $9.95

East German Navy Winter Hat (Unissued)

Beautiful, Dark blue/blue fur, East German Navy Winter Hat with Navy insignia. These hats are line..

$14.95 $9.95

German Officer Shoes (Unissued)

100% leather uppers for long wear.  Man-made outsole delivers top traction.  Leathe..

$32.00 $18.95

German Police Dress Shirt (New)

Light blue Button front Police patch on the left arm 50/50 Poly-CottonCondition..

$14.95 $10.00

Italian 1950s Cap (Used)

They're 1950's era, but they've never seen action so they're in darn good shape.Some do need to b..

$12.50 $9.95

Russian Moisin Nagant Pouch (Used)

Russian Mosin-Nagant Pouches, they fits M91, M91/30, M38 and M44. Made out of pebble textured leat..

$7.45 $5.95

Swiss Mittens (Unissued)

Military SurplusSwiss Army Denim Mitten in New condition, fleece lined, one size fits most.One s..

$4.95 $3.50

Swiss Wool Overseas Hat (Used)

Naturally warm 100% wool material. Flap can be brought down to cover ears, sides of face and fr..

$9.99 $8.95

U.S. Laundry Bag (Used)

Works great to keep your stuff dry in your duffel bag or as a  laundry bag while base ca..

$10.95 $7.50