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Recreational Crab Fishing

The CrabHawk is the new and exciting way to catch crab and lobster by using a rod and reel. This new way of crabbing is quickly picking up new users around the world.  People from across the United States, Canada, England, Australia and many other great places are using the CrabHawk and finding out how great it works. 

The CrabHawk is great from land, docks, piers, boats, Wave Runners and kayaks. When using rings and pots from a pier or dock, you are limited by how far you can throw them (maybe 15 to 20 feet). Using fishing gear and the CrabHawk gives you an edge whenever you're crabbing for dinner, competing with other crabbers and lobster catchers or out by yourself for a great time.

With the CrabHawk, you are able to cast out into the deeper water, where the BIG ONES lay!  It is not uncommon to cast out over 125 feet!  You can cover areas along the shoreline better than with rings and pots or other crabbing/lobster gear. Crab fishing with the CrabHawk works well for everyone, including those with disabilities.  If your anchored up from a boat or other fishing vessel, just watch for the action on your rod tip to let you know something's in your CrabHawk.

Just place a chicken drumstick (or whatever bait you prefer) on the bait post and cast it out. If crab or lobster are around, you will be catching them in no time. Crab and lobster fishing is a great time for the whole family.

The CrabHawk can be stored in its own 3 millimeter bag and can be easily stowed and transported in your vehicle, boat or RV.  Nearly all the parts are stainless steel, making the CrabHawk strong and versatile.

The CrabHawk is not a crab trap. It's a crab and lobster catcher. It's different from traditional ways of crabbing (such as a string and chicken neck, trot lines, etc.). Crab traps and lobster traps may be harmful on the crab or lobster if not used properly, left unattended or lost.  The CrabHawk is "crab and lobster friendly."  Sportsman love how easy the Crabhawk works and the results it produces.

Crab fishing and lobster fishing are a way of life around the world.  The CrabHawk works great for all types of crab and lobster (ie; Dungeness Crab, Blue Crab, Box Crab, Stone Crab, Mud Crab, Swimmer Crab, Spiny Lobster and many others) and replaces crab and lobster gear of old.


*Note: The CrabHawk is a crab/lobster catcher not a leg snare or trap. Check your Country's rules or local state regulations.



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