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10 Jul The Artists Influencing Military Camouflage
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Many people enjoy the history of warfare. Military surplus stores are the place to go if you want to own a piece of military history. But have you eve..
10 Jul The History Of The Sam Browne Belt
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Anybody that knows anything about the British army would immediately recognize the Sam Browne belt. It was used on the uniform of soldiers in World Wa..
09 Jul How Camouflage Started
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Have you ever wondered how a painter of angels became the birth father of military camouflage clothing? In 1909, Abbott Thayer printed his book "Conce..
08 Jul Shopping the Military Surplus Store
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A miliatry surplus store, often called an army navy store, is the perfect place to find great bargains on hunting, camping, hiking and survival equip..
08 Jul The Artists Influencing Military Camouflage
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Have you ever thought about the history of military surplus camouflage? Every country has a fascinating history of the development of military uniform..
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