Garment Care Instructions

To minimize shrinking and pilling of your new Cotton or Cotton/Ploy garment:

  • Wash inside out.
  • Hand or machine wash in cool water (NOT HOT).
  • Line dry or machine dry on low heat or delicate setting.
  • Cool iron only, if needed.

Printed Shirt: Some Light and all Dark Colored shirts will have a pretreated area on the shirt.  Think of the pretreatment like spray starch. It helps the inks to bond to the garment during the printing process. The pretreatment and inks that are used in the printing process are biodegradable and environmentally safe. The pretreatment will wash out after the first wash. It is a good idea to wash your Light and all Dark Colored shirts first before wearing and by itself for the first wash. 

Shrinking:  Depending on the style of shirt chosen, there could be some shrinking of the garment. The standard cotton t-shirt is pre-shrunk, however, some of the other styles such as sports shirts and tank tops tend to shrink vertically.  To help prevent shrinkage, line dry the item and follow the garment care instructions.

Pilling: 100% cotton does tend to pill (acquire tiny lint beads) after numerous washes.  This pilling can cause the design to look faded or washed out.  To prevent pilling follow the garment care instructions.