M10 Gas Mask w/Bag (Unissued)

M10 Gas Mask w/Bag (Unissued)

Genuine Czech M-10 M Gas mask and drinking tube. These masks are from the Czech Republic. They are similar to the US M17 gas mask. These gas masks are new and have new filters. The filters are still in original plastic packaging. These masks come with 1 set of NEW LF-10M Filters and a rubberized O.D. bag. This protective M-10-M mask, coupled with a pair of LF-10M face piece filters, protects the face, eyes. The breathing channels protect against biological and nuclear chemical agents used in the form of vapors, gases and aerosols. Speech Diaphragm Valve Chamber Head Harness Special Plug System for Drinking (2) LF-10M Facepiece Filters. The LF-10M Facepiece filter ensures sufficient protection against all known fighting poisonous agents except for carbonmonoxide.


Condition -  Unissued


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