Bugout Bag Basic

Bugout Bag Basic

There is a vast array of possible events someone could prepare for. Most preppers tend to focus on a handful of possible situations that might occur. Even with covering some of the more common ones, such as a nuclear attack or a government take over, there will be one thing every survival prepper needs to understand fully — the process of leaving the comfort of your home or bugging out.

What Is Bugging Out?

Bugging out is a survival technique many preppers train for. It’s the process of taking only the vital supplies and materials you need and leaving your home to get to a safer predetermined location. In most cases, the location preppers choose far enough away to get too in a single day and generally tends to be away from the direction the general public might go. An excellent place to choose might be further out of town and off the beaten path. To avoid making the big mistake many new preppers make, thinking that going to Wal-mart will be a safe decision.

Before you can leave for your Bugout location; however, you will need supplies. This is where your bugout bag comes in handy.

What Is A Bugout Bag?

When it comes to bugging out, picking a good location is probably the most important aspect to consider. Once you have that location chosen though, you will need supplies to get you there safely and to get you started. Your bugout bag is what will hold your survival gear, and is to be ready at a moments notice to hit the road. This bugout bag should be kept in an easy to get to the location, and has enough supplies for you to survive at least a week.

Your bugout bag is a last resort item designed to house all your supplies for at least a week to get you to your bugout location.

What’s In A Bugout Bag?

The primary purpose of a bugout bag is to make sure you have an essential set of items for everyday survival. The list of items that go into this bag is heavily debated among the preparation community and depends on factors such as climate and personal needs. But regardless of fine details, there is a fairly standard list that everyone one has.

The most important items you will find in a bugout bag are food and water. Each person should have at least a weeks worth of food and drinkable water, but having more is never a bad idea. Long lasting protein bars are great as they take up little space. Meal replacements bars that you find in health food stores work well, as they often provide nutrients for an entire meal and are small. When it comes to water, you should have at least a half gallon in your bag and a way to replenish that water. The easiest way to replenish your water supply is with water purification tablets. They are small and lightweight.

Here is a brief list of other items you will want to include inside your bugout bag.

  • Extra Clothing
  • Medical Supplies
  • Fire Starting Supplies
  • Seeds
  • Flashlights and Batteries
  • AM/FM Hand crank radio
  • Knife and Sharpening Stone
  • Small fishing kit
  • Locational Map
  • Compass

Hopefully, this brief list will get you started on getting your bugout bag ready. There are many other items you can add to this list, and what you choose to add is up to you. Many of the items you will want can be found at any army surplus location.

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