How to Make a Two-Strand Cord

Two-Strand Cord

Many plant materials, including grasses that resist breaking when bent and the inner barks of shrubs and willows, can make strong enough cordage to lash thatching onto shelters. Thin willow wands, flexible capillary tree roots, rawhide cut from animal skins, and sinew strands that encase animal muscle make stronger cord, suitable for snare traps, bowstrings, and bindings.


  • Holding the cordage material between your thumbs and first fingers, twist it to form a kink in the middle.
  • Now twist each half separately in a clockwise direction.
  • Then pass them around each other in a counterclockwise direction as shown above
    (A strand can be composed of one or more fibers, depending upon the diameter of the cordage material available.)
  • Weave in more strands for greater length.

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