Swiss nylon strap (Unissued)

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When it is time to hold down your gear check out these great Swiss nylon strap with hard plastic buckle. We found them perfect for strapping around your sleeping bag or picnic blanket, tying off gear on your pack or helping to secure item to your boxes, on your motorcycle, let the adventure begin; keep a few in your car, on your motorcycle, at the camp site. You never know now when you may need them. But when you do, you will be happy that you pick up a few of these. I can hear it now, Honey can you place that lantern a little higher Joey has to go to the bathroom!!!. You whip out the Swiss Nylon straps, buckle two together, because that branch is a little high and Wala! You have hanging lantern without getting nylon cord out. Hey it is reusable, Go Green !

  • Measures 1" wide and 32" long.
Condition - Unissued



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